Just Friends


Last rays of summer sunshine
and the bluest of skies
on that beautiful early autumn day.

A pair of smiling bright eyes met mine.
You captured my sight,
I looked longer than I usually would.

There was something about your appearance
that attracted my attention.
You are very appealing and
good vibes surround you.

By the passing of time
we got to know each other.
We enjoy our little talks.
They can be serious or funny –
but always a pleasure.

I like to talk to you,
I like to be with you,
I just like you.

You cheer me up
when I’m feeling down.
You offer support
when I need advice.
You bring a smile
when I’m sad.

It’s good to have a friend like you!


About blossombee68

Housi, Musik, UK & Schweden - das ist mein Leben ;) David Garrett & Jane Austen gehören ebenso dazu :) Bücher, Sprachen & Reisen sind weitere Leidenschaften. Und dann tausche ich mich noch gerne mit lieben Menschen aus :)
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7 Responses to Just Friends

  1. Donald Shaw says:

    Charming sentiment! Well done, Manuela 🙂

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