Lady On Fire

Like a light summer breeze caressing a ripe cornfield,
your sweet words caress my trembling body tenderly.

Your words so tender seduce me and leave me longing for more,
they bring excitement, lust and joy to me.
At times sending shivers down my spine
like a fresh autumn wind whistling on a clear bright colourful day.

The waves of desire crash forward and back,
like the neverending change of high tide and low tide.

Take my hand and let me show you the pleasures of wonderland.
There is a volcano hiding inside me, ready to erupt,
every minute, every second you ask me to do so …

Like two flames embracing a log,
spreading apart just to come together again,
we dance and burn hot.
Eternal flame – stopped only by the end of times.


About blossombee68

Housi, Musik, UK & Schweden - das ist mein Leben ;) David Garrett & Jane Austen gehören ebenso dazu :) Bücher, Sprachen & Reisen sind weitere Leidenschaften. Und dann tausche ich mich noch gerne mit lieben Menschen aus :)
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2 Responses to Lady On Fire

  1. Thomas says:

    This is amazing!Truly wonderful 🙂 I love it !

  2. blossombee68 says:

    Aww, dear Thomas, that’s kind of you to say so!
    Thanks ever so much for your fluttering compliment –
    coming from you, it means so much to me 🙂

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