The Streets of Soho

London is a bustling city
People come and people go

The streets are busy and so are the humans
Not much time for humanity though

The Palace Theatre is where I met you

Cuddled in a sleeping bag, wearing a hoodie,
you looked much too young for a life on the streets

I saw you the very second you noticed me
Our eyes met
Then I passed by

Waited at the red lights to turn green again
But they didn’t
And I was glad about the fact
That gave me time to search for some small money

I knew I had to go back to you
I knew that bit of money wouldn’t change a thing
But I wanted to show you that I cared

You touched my heart and when our hands met
I might have touched your soul

I think your eyes told me so


About blossombee68

Housi, Musik, UK & Schweden - das ist mein Leben ;) David Garrett & Jane Austen gehören ebenso dazu :) Bücher, Sprachen & Reisen sind weitere Leidenschaften. Und dann tausche ich mich noch gerne mit lieben Menschen aus :)
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