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Lady On Fire

Like a light summer breeze caressing a ripe cornfield, your sweet words caress my trembling body tenderly. Your words so tender seduce me and leave me longing for more, they bring excitement, lust and joy to me. At times sending … Continue reading

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Umfrage zu meinem Blog

Liebe Blogger Liebe Follower Vor gut zwei Jahren bin ich unter die Blogger gegangen – nun möchte ich einmal von euch persönlich wissen, wie ihr meine Beiträge findet. Gefällt euch, was ich so schreibe  oder reblogge? Wie findet ihr die Aufmachung meines Blogs? … Continue reading

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Just Friends

Last rays of summer sunshine and the bluest of skies on that beautiful early autumn day. A pair of smiling bright eyes met mine. You captured my sight, I looked longer than I usually would. There was something about your … Continue reading

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